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Over 20 years combined experience in the Central Valley!

Serving Valley residents Since :2003

Owner :Jade Ferguson

Respected Company throughout the central valley of California working at New and Used car dealerships, body shops, fleet centers, rental locations, detail shops, insurance companies, and retail customers. 

If you have a dent, we want to fix it!!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?--Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR is a method of repairing dents from vehicles without having to remove any paint or use bondo to finish the repair. This is accomplished by very carefully pushing and massaging the metal from the inside of the panel as well as various other methods depending on the location and size of the dent.

Benefits of Using PDR instead of Traditional Body Shop Repairs?--The best benefit is the fact that the paint is not damaged!  We do not use bondo, paint, fillers, sanding or anything else that would damage the original paint job.   Price is also a considerable benefit of our service.  A normal sized dent  at a traditional body shop usually involves sanding,  and painting the entire panel and repainting.  This traditional type of body repair can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the damage.  The same dent can be repaired using PDR for a fraction of the price.  Saving you time is another amazing benefit of our service.  We can repair most dents in under an hour, while a body shop can take days to get your car fixed. 

History of PDR?--In the 1940’s, (as the story goes) small dents were incurred during the manufacturing process at BMW and Mercedes plants in Europe. These dents were repaired by “dingmen” as they were

called.These pioneers of pdr developed special tools and techniques in order to repair the

smaller dents. They would reach areas of the vehicle with these specially designed tools

to “push” or “massage” the dent back out from inside the panel.The metal, being much

harder, and paint cracking created problems for these “dingmen”and the art of paintless

dent repair was almost lost.  As the automotive industry moved to thinner panels and

more flexible metals in the late 70’s and early 80’s paintless dent repair was once again

introduced. The quality of paint was also improved as it tends to have a more flexible

composition than it once did. With the introduction of Clearcoat paints the paint is now

less likely to crack due to impacts making P.D.R. an ideal method of repair  .Auto

dealerships, realizing the benefits and cost savings of paintless dent removal, were

very quick to start using this type of repair to increase used car sales and retain value.

As the tools and techniques grew, larger dents were repaired.Today the majority of the

general public is still unaware of paintless dent repair history or that this very special

technique of removing dents even exists. At Valley Dents we are glad to share our

knowledge of this unique craft!

Thanks  for visiting our site to learn more about paintless dent repair history!